Solve the frustration of bad and slow debtors by employing clear credit terms, prompt follow up and – where necessary – cost effective legal action.  Dundon Callanan has the systems and the expertise to cost effectively pursue debts, large and small, obtaining judgments, tracing assets and income and obtaining Orders for payments by instalment.

The services we offer include:

Pre-Legal Actions such as letters of demand.

Issue of ProceedingsA Summons is issued and served on the debtor by post.

Defended HearingsWhere the debtor defends the action we attend court with you to prove the debt on your behalf.

JudgementIn undefended cases we obtain judgment through the Court Office without having to attend Court.

Registration of JudgementWhere appropriate we may Register the judgment in the High Court so that it gets picked up by Trade publications.

Lodgement with the Sheriff:  Court Officer entitled to seize goods to discharge the debt.

Enforcement:  We can also apply for a Court Order directing the debtor to pay the debt in fixed instalments.

Judgment Mortgage:  If the debtor is the registered owner of a property we can register the judgement as a mortgage on their property.

Orders for SaleIf appropriate, we may seek an Order on foot of such a Mortgage to sell property and discharge the debt.

Bankruptcy:  Where the debtor has sufficient funds we may apply to have him or her declared Bankrupt.

Liquidations:  We may seek to have a company liquidated.

Examination of Company DirectorsIn some situations directors can be held liable for Company debts.

Company SearchesWe can supply general and detailed company reports.


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