Nobody likes to think about their death, but as the old saying goes “the only thing certain in life is Death and Taxes”.

It is important to make sure that you make provision for your loved ones. The best way to do that is to make a Will. You need to consider matters such as who will look after your children if something happens to you and who will look after the financial and administrative side of dealing with your affairs.

At Dundon Callanan we can advise you on how to structure your estate to take advantage of any possible tax reliefs that you or your loved ones may be eligible for to minimise any tax bill on your death.

There is no tax due on gifts or inheritances between spouses. Children fall into the Group A tax free threshold and can receive a gift or inheritance of up to €310,000 tax free. Parents, brothers, sisters nieces, nephews and grandchildren are in Group B and can receive up to €32,500 tax free and more distant relatives or friends fall into Group C and can receive up to €16,250 tax free.

We can assist you in advising on whether any of your beneficiaries may be entitled to Dwelling House Relief, Agricultural Relief, Business Relief or Favourite Nephew Relief. We can also advise on whether it may be possible for you to structure your estate in such a way as to be in a position to take advantage of these tax reliefs.

Administration of Estates

Dealing with a loss is a very difficult time. At Dundon Callanan we aim to make the process of dealing with the affairs of your loved one as straight forward as possible. Our experienced solicitors will guide you through the process and advise you on your duties and obligations as an Executor or Administrator of an estate. For more information on acting as and Executor or Administrator please click here.

Our solicitors have experience in dealing with all types of estates and the various Court applications that may go along with the more complicated estates. We have experience of proving a Will when only a copy was available, making an application to have an ineffective executor removed, acting for both estates and beneficiaries where a beneficiary has felt hard done by under a Will or where the validity of a Will has been challenged.

If you are an Executor/Administrator or beneficiary under a Will and you need legal advice, speak to one of our specialist Probate solicitors today.


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